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Our congregation was founded in 1994. A prerequisite for its occurrence was the active migration of Pontian Greeks from the former Soviet Union. It should be noted that the majority of the people was raised Russian Orthodox Church. After his arrival in Greece, people went to church, not knowing that, together with the canonical and noncanonical parishes there - splitting. Then, the Greek Church, drawing attention to the fact that people began to disperse and misled by dissenters, decided to create a parish, which would be the old style and partly in Old Church Slavonic language, but at the same time, would be in the jurisdiction of the Hellenic Orthodox Church. For this he was invited by Fr. Gregory Pigalle, which was charged with creating such a parish.


Holy Synod of the Hellenic Orthodox Church, taking care of spiritual needs of Russian-speaking population in the capital has blessed the start of construction of the cathedral church in honor of Our Lady Mother of 'Panagia Sumela "in the district of St. Peter's in the area of ​​Aharne, the northern city of Athens.

Сотни людей собрались на встречу иконы "Божья матерь Патриотка" (Патриотиса) «Единство», прошедшую 1 марта в церкви Панагия Сумела Ахарне (Мениди) где икона будет находиться несколько месяцев до момента передачи российской стороне. Икона, дар афонских монахов России и лично президенту РФ Владимиру Путину.

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IBAN: GR63 0110 0910 0000 0915 5800 056 SWIFT ETHN GRAA Menidi department, in the name of the Temple "Panagia Sumela" in Aharne.

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